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Is it true honey on the road honey market?

Is it true honey on the road honey market?

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Beekeepers"sellthemselvesandsellthemselves"  Seetheroadsidehoneyisinexpensive,andMs.Liwantstobuyseveralbottlesoftaste.However,somefriendsaroundsay"honeyofbeekeepersshouldbethebest",whileotherssay"this
  Beekeepers "sell themselves and sell themselves"
  See the roadside honey is inexpensive, and Ms. Li wants to buy several bottles of taste. However, some friends around say "honey of beekeepers should be the best", while others say "this kind of honey quality can not be guaranteed", which makes her very entangled.
  With Ms. Li's question, reporters visited some of the "road honey market". On the Beijing Road, reporters saw more than 20 beehives lined up neatly, next to a house built with waterproofing canvas and iron, with a temporary "shopping table" on which 4 bottles of honey and 2 bottles of pollen were displayed, and a young man sat in a leisurely manner. Male youth told reporters that he came from Henan, together with a number of fellow villagers in Xiaogan to "camp" to sell "self produced" honey. Each bottle of honey is 2 kilograms, rape honey price 15 yuan a bottle, Huaihua honey 20 yuan a bottle, loquat honey 50 yuan a bottle. The young men opened every bottle of honey and let the reporters taste them one by one. "Why are there so many water beads on the cap?" Ask the reporter inexplicably. "It may be the cause of the high temperature." The young man explained vaguely.
  During the visit, the reporter found that the "honey" people would put "home" in the road closer to the city, there was no farmland or flowering plants within a few kilometers, and the price of "self produced honey" sold was far below the market price.
  Is honey sold by beekeepers pure natural? Yesterday, the reporter came to Xiaogan city Zhongshan Street No. 96 honey Park beekeeping professional cooperative, interview with the senior people of the city honey industry - Liu Ziwu, director of the co - operative of the cooperative. He said he did not recommend that people go to roadside beekeepers to buy honey.
  "There are several prerequisites for real beekeeping: good air, honey and water." Liu Ziwu told reporters that the quality of honey produced in air polluted places is not high. If there are no floral flowers around, bees will not be able to produce honey. As an animal, bees also need drinking water, so water is also important. "The general bee yard is located in a place far away from the downtown, near the honey source and water source". "Even if you see honey cut out of the honeybee, it can't guarantee the quality of the honey." He said that some of the fake bees will feed sugar water to bees in advance, so the quality of "honey" can be imagined.
  Liu Ziwu said, with chopsticks to pick up the honey, if the honey can be pulled into a slender silk, it may be fake honey; when the real honey is picked up by the chopsticks, it should be a ball. Fake honey tastes sweet and single, and some have bitter or astringent taste, but the taste of real honey is light, and the entrance has faint fragrance. Liu Ziwu said: "if the flowering time is not coming to the home, the flowering time is still slow, or the hive is put on the roadside, the price of the honey is very low, so the beekeeper must not be a real beekeeper."
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