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Scientific health: the seven miraculous health effects of honey

Scientific health: the seven miraculous health effects of honey

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Zhang Qicheng: the dean of the school of management, Beijing University of Chinese Medicine, the State Administration of traditional Chinese medicine, "the treatment of the disease" work consultant, Xin'an famous doctor "Zhang Yi post" the fifteenth generation of people.
Honey has a long history as a good health care product. Shennong's book of Materia Medica has listed honey as the top quality in medicine. It says "it's Gan Ping's taste, and its heart is evil." The Compendium of Materia Medica says that honey is used as a medicine to replenish qi, replenish the middle, relieve pain and detoxify. Besides diseases and hundreds of medicines, it is necessary to serve for a long time.
Honey's sweetness comes mainly from glucose and fructose, which accounts for its component 65%~80%. The sugar content is very small, not more than 8%, and glucose and fructose are especially easily absorbed by the human body. The color of honey from water white to deep amber color is very different. Because of the variety of honey source plants, the ingredients, fragrance and efficacy of honey are different, which respectively embodies the various sides of the "except for public disease". We know that the effect of different nectar can be targeted to take, the health effect will be twice the result with half the effort.
It is generally believed that osmanthus honey can eliminate swelling and stop bleeding, moisten the throat and pass the intestines; the longan honey can complement the brain and strengthen the memory; the honeybee honey can relax the blood vessels and ease the heart; the eucalyptus honey can be antiseptic, prevent the influenza and treat the throat inflammation...
Scientific health: the seven miraculous health effects of honey


1. Elimination of fatigue and strengthening of strength
Honey in the fructose, glucose can be quickly absorbed by the human body to help people quickly eliminate fatigue, enhance physical strength and endurance, the body fatigue when taking honey, 15 minutes can obviously eliminate fatigue symptoms. Mental workers and those who stay up late can drink more energy when they work. Before and after exercise can also drink some honey, not only can make the human body in a better state, but also can alleviate the fatigue caused by sports.
Honey rich in fructose and the role of the maintenance of male sexual function, because the semen contains fructose components, the supplement of honey is equivalent to the supplement of nutrients to the sperm, honey is absorbed by the human body not only to supplement the sperm, but also quickly eliminate the fatigue of sexual life. Men who are newly married or have more sex may wish to prepare a bottle of honey for themselves.
2. Honey is a sweet antibiosis antiphlogistic drug
Honey is the only food in the world that will not decay. In 1913, American archaeologists found an altar of honey in the ancient tomb of Egyptian pyramids. It was identified that the honey was more than 3300 years ago, but it did not deteriorate at all. It still can be eaten, and how strong the antibacterial ability of honey is.


If the skin is damaged, you can apply some honey to relieve pain, prevent infection and promote healing. For example, if you get oral ulcers, you can put some honey on the ulcer surface. If you can wipe the white matter on the ulcer surface first, then the effect will be better.
3, 30 grams of honey unobstructed the intestines for a whole day
The effect of honey moistening bowel is known to all. This is because honey can regulate gastric acid secretion, increase peristalsis and shorten defecation time.
People with habitual constipation can drink 30 grams of honey with warm boiled water sooner or later. Even after taking 2~3 days, the stool will be unobstructed.





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